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Drugs & Clinic, a monthly journal with “Xiandai Yaowu yu Linchuang” as Chinese name, is an academic and technical journal sponsored by Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Chinese Pharmaceutical Association. As a core journal of science and technology in China (Journal of scientific and technological papers in China),it is open issue at home and abroad.

Drugs & Clinic provides a useful reference for new drug research and development, production personnel, clinicians and pharmacists for rational use of drugs, as well as the latest developments in drug research at home and abroad, new technologies and the latest developments in the clinical application of drugs. The journal offers the columns of "Special Topic ", "Research Paper", "Clinical Research", "Clinical Basics", "Hospital Pharmacy", "Drugs of Future ", "summary" et al. Readers are mainly personnel engaged in modern drug production, research, application and management, as well as physicians and pharmacists, for colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, pharmaceutical enterprises, hospitals and drug supervision and management departments.

In recent years, Drugs & Clinic has been developed by foreign retrieval systems, such as Chemical Abstracts (CA), Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), Ulrich's Periodicals Directory in USA, Global Health in United Kingdom, Index of Copurnicusand (IC) and the British agricultural and biological science research center. Biologic research center Abstracts (CAB), public health database (GH) and WHO West Pacific Medical Index (WPRIM) are also included. At the same time, it has been collected by Chinese academic journals (Network Edition), Wanfang database, Chinese Academic Journal Abstract Database, Chinese Biomedical Journal Citation Database and other domestic retrieval systems. In 2011 and 2013, Drugs & Clinic was selected as the First Grade Tianjin Journal, and was selected as the Core Journal of Tianjin Medical and Health Journal Catalogue (2012), China's core journal of science and Technology (Chinese scientific paper statistics source journal) has been selected as the core academic journal of RCCSE in 2015 by the library of Wuhan University and the China Science Evaluation and Research Center of Wuhan University.

China Science and Technology Information Institute issued the 2017 edition of the Citation Report of China's science and Technology Journal (Core Edition): the core impact factor of Drugs & Clinic 0.739, ranked eleventh in the 47 core journals of pharmaceutical science and technology, 1 225 in the core, and fifteenth in the 47 core journals of pharmaceutical science and technology. The core comprehensive evaluation score is 32.80, ranking 23rd in 47 pharmaceutical science and technology core journals.

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